Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 32-Bit

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Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 32-Bit & 64-Bit Download Torrent

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Slim is a horror game in first person where your only goal is to find eight manuscripts to the thin man, works on paranormal. It follows a previous game called Slender Man, which was based on a similar theme, but none was so scary and successful.

How to play slim?

The basic principle of the game is to come directly in contact with the thin man, faster health hazard. dlategotrzeba care even for the enemy, to search for a long time and remember to dry flashlight batterylimited, so you should drop over time to save it. Also more views, lower maximum strength, then you just need sprint when necessary.

This is scary?

Delgado does well in creating a frightening atmosphere in a very simple grze.czuje the same as you, your flashlight and sound of crickets chirping as he makes his way through the forest looking looking at scripts. However, the use of a general purpose of obtaining oitopáxinas the manuscript is very limited, so the gameplay is a littlelimited.

Controls for the game are simple: move left Shift — — Mouse — Look rondW, A, S, D Sprint Left Click — Get mouse click pagina’sRechter — zaklampQ E — Zoom / Off Technical questions

znakże need as WinZip or WinRAR to extract slange download games.

The fine, since it was launched, there are several spinoffs with varying degrees of quality. We tested equipment to see what is asustadoPolo so be sure to see how it turned out:


Slim is przerażającehorror paysworth a try if you’ve heard the myth slender man or not.


Registrations added to the game ( «Eight pages»), to distinguish them from versions.

improved menus and add music. Now includes links to information and a series of YouTube Slender Man.

There are several sources światładodanej (unlocked after playing the game once).

Adding shading (not particularly notableCon exception of illuminated surfaces).

now jogging speed increases gradually gatheredin a few pages.

Remove strength after cooling jog / sprint and reduce uitlatennelheid. when

To start running / Sprint, but returns an immediate discount of 5% of its strength. It allows you to run or

Sprint for a very long time, but it makes repeated taps jog / sprint button is strength

dissipate quickly (effective withdrawal before use).

Maximaal the distance you can see decreases collect more pages. This is similar to wyzwaniazachować

For peoplewhich was absent off. For the same reason, the shadow away can no longer be disabled.

menu option has been added to automatically skip introduction.

Added pause function, but you can only pause if it is not static (that prevents pause the game

In response to see Slimm).

Fixed a bug when the flashlight to illuminate a part of the other side of the wall.

afastadoun hidden modes (hetWas contains only a matter of time, since the material is protected by copyright).

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard v10

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard v10 Shona Windows 7/8/10 Portable Download

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MB RAM128.

Hard Disk: minimum amountspace for installing Recovery Wizard data is 32MB


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PC / laptop

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123 Free Solitaire

123 Free Solitaire Logi Bear Torrent

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123 Free Solitaire played all to the good old solitaire game for Windows 95 is a logical evolution

But 123 Free Solitaire is much more than just a game; In fact, 12 solitaire games (Diplomat, eighteen different types of covers, Flower Garden, Free Cell, Grandfather’s Clock, Klondike, Pyramid, Royal Rendezvous, Spider, Spider in a suit, Spider two fit and Yukon) you never sopstveniteFaust tire that play to ensure .

Game 123 Free SolitaireIst easy choice after the start of the game, soloWe are presented with a menu you want to play. Simply hautatujokoa and start playing. 123 Free Solitaire moves and repeat, and you can undo every time, also, to save the game to continue later. If you remember the rules of the games and smaller communities can look at the documentation.

There are several aukeraere 123 Free Solitaire, change the interface skin, you can go back and use a different wallpaper for SieEine card instead of the traditional green tableCustomizable to. Cards really nice design and more izanbeste solitaire games, but they can not be scaled manually — they will change only when prozorecpromenite size.

123 Free Solitaire 12 free solitaire games for gamers and delay is a big package. Free Video Cutter 1


FIFA 12 x64-x86 Torrent

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FIFA 12 x64-x86 Torrent

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EA FIFA 12 is the last installment of the epic soccer saga. In addition to updating to the last team and player in the game, FIFA 12 was provided with some interesting new features.

In recent years, FIFA has developed a rival worthy Pro Series Evolution Soccer, and in factSays a lot about football FIFA 12 PES 2012 is the most complete experience.

What’s new in the latest FIFA 12?

Aurreradoitasun dribbling, tactical defense and the player’s influence of the engine and success in recent years, FIFA 12 represents three major developments. All this — and especially the last three — have a significantInfluence on gaming experience.

What does it mean?

The engine has a greater impact on the impact on the gameplay, and really changes the dynamics of the agreement to communicate with the game. FIFA 12eraginaren realistic appearance of the engine deal and injury will not cause more shakakatika player! FIFA 12 duringJumping in the air with two players, they always land together perfectly, but according to a message made by another player you can fall.

Adherents in general have been perfected, and one can no longer simply omit the «pressure» button and the defender near press esperobaloia to grabThe attacker. In fact, make this FIFA 12 and you can try and a serious challenge to the new system will allow players to protect kupitia.Majira tactics, and when the turn of the heart is ultimately more useful when you get it right.

Although FIFA 12 is dripping, if you do not feel in control,Than in previous versions. They are advocates more enjoyable because of this, and the methods of itxuraerraza are neat to pull off.

How true are the last 12 FIFA?

Sana’a. As always, FIFA 12 is fully licensed, so you can play your favorite yakowachezaji and clubs, and the game continued in summer and winterTransfer windows, so the teams reflect their real counterparts.

The graphics has been improved to grow, and the animazioahalaber, this is better than last year’s games. FIFA 12 in the full version of online video and social aspects will be great. Support your league club tables, their attitude and your presentationsAllow the citizen to contribute to your favorite team. EA FIFA 12 Industrial production promises to keep the information of the fresh and real world on football.

What is a demo?

FIFA 12 demo of Manchester City, Milan, which provides access to the Olympic dizuMarsella, Borussia Dortmund,Barcelona and the Arsenal. The options are very limited, and the environment, as well as the choice of the ball, half the length of the weather and not included in this demonstration. Missing in all other aspects of the game They are thus only playing practice games, but it’s still good hisiawa FIFA 12 gives you.

Action Replay:Download the old version of FIFA

— FIFA Soccer 2005 FIFA 06 FIFA 07 FIFA 08 FIFA 09 FIFA 11

FIFA 12 is a wonderful experience that is closest to a football match played in a real football game you can get on your computer.


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